Against the Emptiness

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble | 2009

The reality that music has the unique power to reveal something about our experiences beyond what words can express or sights can portray is one that has helped bring an emotional element to the story of humankind for thousands of years. Even though each composer has a different reason for creating music for this purpose, the bond it develops between our more universal experiences is a similar, shared result we acquire through the simple act of listening.

Against the Emptiness brings you four compelling works by composers who either discover their own internal journey or reflect on the life of another. New Dynamic Records has the pleasure of giving you these unique sound worlds through the voice of our second featured ensemble, the remarkable Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. We are especially grateful to all of the players who worked hard (while making it look easy) to produce a perfect marriage between technical brilliance and soulful expression. I would also like to thank the director of PNME, Kevin Noe, for his dedication to all aspects of the production and our friend and colleague, Perry Goldstein, for getting us together.

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