Group Theory

counter)induction | 2012

In mathematics, group theory involves the study of the properties that define a system’s symmetry, describing the functions of elements in isolation, in groupings, and in the whole. In this recording “Group Theory,” the symmetries of counter)induction’s particular history and particular structure are explored. The repertoire shifts from duo to trio to quintet, from the works of composers within the ensemble to the works extrinsic to the group. This flexibility and variety is a hallmark of the ensemble’s aesthetic direction.

Founded in 1998 through a series of composer/performer collaborations, New York City-based counter)induction ( has premiered many works by both established and emerging American composers. Today, counter)induction includes three composers – Kyle Bartlett, Douglas Boyce and, Ryan Streber – and five instrumentalists – Steven Beck (piano), Miranda Cuckson (violin), Benjamin Fingland (clarinet), Sumire Kudo (cello) and Jessica Myer (viola).

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