Spiritual Overdrive

Aurelia Saxophone Quartet | 2007

One of the most fascinating characteristics of music is its power to transform one’s state of mind or perspective of the world. Spiritual Overdrive captures this power and invites the listener to experience music that ranges from the tranquil and meditative (spiritual) to the fast and furious (overdrive).

Like the title, these two seemingly opposing sound worlds are combined onto one release through the works of six composers from around the world – Gavin Bryars, Graham Fitkin, David Froom, Joey Roukens, Jacob ter Veldhuis, and Ian Wilson. I am pleased to note that the music on this CD is brought to life by our first featured ensemble, The Aurelia Saxophone Quartet.

The members of the group, Johan van der Linden (soprano saxophone), Niels Bijl (alto saxophone), Arno Bornkamp (tenor/soprano saxophone), and Willem van Merwijk (baritone saxophone), perform each piece with the highest level of passion and technical brilliance. As the producer, I am pleased to have had the chance to work with such a gifted group of musicians who have led a truly remarkable career as champions of new music.

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